Bon Thai

Bon Thai

Takeaway Thai Food in Devonport? Bon Thai produces fresh, authentic Thai takeaway, with reasonable prices and plenty of parking for pickups. Menu below:

MENU (Tues-Sat, 5pm-8pm)


1. SPRING ROLLS - (Chicken or Vegetarian) with sweet chilli dip, 2 for $5.00

2. CURRY PUFFS - (Chicken), 2 for $5.00

3. SPICY FISH CAKES (Subject to availability), 2 for $6.00


4. GANG KEO WAN (spicy) Famous Thai Green curry with bamboo shoots, green beans, broccoli & chicken, $18.00

5. GANG DANG (medium) Thai Red curry with bamboo shoots w chicken $17.00, or beef $19.00

6. MASSAMAN (mild) curry w local potatoes, carrots, onion & chicken $18.00, or beef $20.00


7. KHAO PAD (mild) fried rice with veg, egg + lime & cucumber on side, $13.00

8. PAD PAK KING (medium) stir fried Nichol's chicken w ginger, mixed vegetables, $18.00

9. PAD THAI (mild) stir fried rice noodles with chicken, bean sprouts & tofu (supplied with chilli, crushed peanuts and lime), $18.00

10. PAD KAPOW (medium) stir fried Nichols chicken with Thai basil, local mushrooms, onion and green beans. A favourite of Thai people! $18.00 (egg extra $2, recommended by chef)

11. PAO PREO WAN (sweet & sour) stir fried pineapple, cucumber, tomato, onion, and baby corn with Tasmanian pork, $19.00

12. PAD MET MAMUANG mildly-spicy stir fried Nichols chicken with cashew nuts, carrot, onion, baby corn and spring onion, $20.00

13. THAI JASMINE RICE (Northern Thailand)

Small $2.00, Medium $3.00, Large $4.00